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Our Process

You reach out to us and share a little bit about your home renovation goals.

We will schedule a home consultation so that we can see the space in person and talk further with you about your vision, budget, and how you hope to use the space in the future.

We will send you an estimate and project timeline, including an anticipated start date so that you have ample time to prepare for your adjusted lifestyle while your home is under construction.

If you accept our bid, we will lock you into our schedule with a 25% refundable deposit.

Depending on the size of your project, about 3-6 months prior to construction, we will kick off the design phase. We'll work closely with you to learn about the details of your preferences and the way you live. Day House will provide you with a 3D model that includes every detail---from space planning, to colors and materials---ensuring that construction is executed exactly as you envision.

Construction starts. This is where the excitement really sets in---your dream space is within reach!
During the time we are in your home, we go above and beyond to communicate about the project's progress. Things always come up, but when they do, you will know right away. 
Also, construction can be messy, but we make sure we leave you with a clean home every day.

Once we are just about finished with construction, we will do a project walkthrough with you show you how everything works, and to ensure work is completed to your expectations. 

You get to enjoy living the good life in your brand new custom space!

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