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Hi! We're Joy + Tell Day

And we believe home is a sanctuary. Something amazing happens when your home is designed for you; the threshold carries you from the chaos of the day into the world you have created for yourself. A world where you can relax, entertain, exercise, organize, and carry on with your daily rituals in spaces that make you feel good. Home is the one place on earth you can truly make your own, and we want to help you create it!​


We found our passion for renovating while live-in flipping our first home in 2018. With Joy’s background (dual masters in architecture and structural engineering) combined with Tell’s skills across various trades (electrical, machining, mechanical, and just general handiness), we transformed our basic builder-grade into an inspiring space that is uniquely ours. In 2020, we decided to turn our passion into a full-time gig so we can help you create a home you love, too. 


When we’re not swinging a hammer, we’re figuring out how to live on a catamaran and sail the world with our rescued fur babiesthe loves of our lives...aside from each other, of course ☺

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